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Top edge contamination

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Having some issues with contamination on top edge, I usually file my windows, so I'll butt the tint as close as possible to the edge to prevent the shavings falling back in, but im  still having a little contamination along the edge.. usually real small specs but it's enough to bother me. What can I do to try to fix this? 

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Wipe the top edge before installation, make sure to not slide the film up past the edge and back down, and what for the film to dry enough that it's sticking before filing. 

I use an air powered file. Blows the contamination way out of the way [emoji1303][emoji1303]
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Use your hard card with a napkin and make upward passes towards to bevel of the glass to make sure the adhesives is adhering to the glass then file. If not try using a heat gun with your hard card to lock the top edge before filing. Last but not least you can always work on another window and come back when the adhesives are dried then file. What brand of file are you using? I find I only have success with Nicholson.

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try cleaning the top edge with alcohol, using less soap in your solution ,letting the tint set for a little helps, heating it up, giving the  window atleast 2 or 3 squeeges before installing,

nicholson files are the best

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