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Performa, Ceramic, and Drei/Sech are all good films...also dye-free for people looking for that.  Xtreme/Performa install like normal, Ceramic 30 & up is harder than a normal Ceramic but you quickly get used to it, Ceramic 5/15/20 and Drei is when it is very difficult to install and only select vehicles can be done.  Huper Ceramic is the highest quality Ceramic I know on the market and Drei is the high performing in the world for automotive.  Downside IMO is the reflectivity on the Ceramic/Drei/Sech lines...extremely low for flat glass, but high for automotive.  Look up Naples Tint on here since they do a lot of Ceramic/Drei on cars...their profile is below.



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If you going to carry Huper....Just carry their Ceramic line only.  It is a good film but like Dynamic say....only select vehicle can be done in their Ceramic.  The Huper Ceramic do sell itself but be prepare for a learning curve.  This film will kick your ass.....film is so thick that any little spec will be seen 10' away.  


Before deciding to carry this film....get a sample roll and shrink it on a VW GTI or new Mustang with no ghost or finger.  If you can do that then....you can do most vehicle.   

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I've worked with Huper Optik as a dealer from the beginning and as a distributor for over the past 10 years. The ceramic and Select films have always been solid window film technologies with a 17 year track record. Aside from being harder to shape like 3M Crystalline, no one argues Huper Ceramic and Select films look and perform better than most. Autobahn Performa has also been a great film, our dealers sell a lot of it with no complaints.


Honestly, Xtreme has been the challenge which is kind of ironic considering that we are talking about an entry level color stable product. Huper Optik has put a lot of focus on fixing the issues, they basically dumped the drawer and have a solid product in that category now.  If you haven't worked with their products in the past 6-12 months there have been some significant changes in the entry level film Xtreme... it is re-engineered and re named. The color tone is better, it shrinks easier than all of their past CS films and the durability tests came out solid. Autobahn continues to be improved upon and that won't stop. If you haven't been in the program for that past year, you really don't know much about it anymore. New PPF launched, showroom design services, point of sale items available for your shop, new heat shape training courses, cutting equipment, graphics and vinyl, printers and the largest window film distribution footprint in the USA. A lot of new things that were never previously available... They have some of the more experienced reps in the window film industry as well as the print and graphics industry. 


On the flat glass side Huper is solid. Last week I pushed a 50k sq ft project to one of my dealers. He got the film sale and the installation... I did not go around him and sell it direct. It is the way we do business and not all film MFG's can say they have never sold around their dealers and done direct to commercial sales. Our tech support dept has some of the best window film reps in the business. Energy modeling, sales training, commercial presentations are all available to our network to them grow their businesses. To some people these things are important...


It is worth looking into to see if it is a good fit for your company. If you would like to try some films or learn more about their perks, contact Lisa or Harry at Huper Optik USA. 

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For us it has been an incredible competitive advantage. We haven't sold much of the entry product and don't really focus on that category of film anyway (including their flat DR film). A real Huper Optik customer wants the SELECT and CERAMIC items. The ceramic TSER is higher than F1 and it comes with a lifetime MARINE warranty. Its a home run when I have a product that excels on a condo, yacht, and a luxury car (C40 is universal for us)

The installation is not easy and the product is expensive. It takes some customer education and you will work harder for the sale. Our pricing is the highest in the area, but the results are the best. I cant wait to see everyone in ATL next week for the meeting.

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