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SolarFx Fxtreme

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I finally had the opportunity to try out the Fxtreme2 I won in the SolarFx raffle last month. First off I would like to say thank you again to @whitehog for the awesome raffle and to @TintDude for this awesome platform we all enjoy. My test vehicle is a 2005 Honda Pilot and I did a 35% overlay of the factory privacy glass and 20% on the front roll ups. 


I have to say that I'm very impressed with this film! It handles incredibly well. It shrunk quicker and easier than I was expecting given the thickness and construction of the film, the liner released with little to no static which was especially appreciated compared to my current lines of film. Installation was a breeze, I didn't notice that the adhesive was any more aggressive than what I'm used to but it did tack up quickly once squeegeed. The scratch coat seems to be incredibly durable, I'm pretty heavy handed when I squeegee and was using a bump card for the edges that was getting pretty rough and I had no issues with scratching even where I was expecting it/trying to be rough on it. The color is nice and neutral with maybe a slight bronze undertone in the 35%


Overall I'm very impressed with the film and happy with the results. Thank you again @whitehog I look forward to getting the 2017 catalog and trying some of your other lines of film in the near future. 




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