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F150 rear roll ups?????


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How in the world do you guys cut the pattern on the f150 rear side roll ups. I ended up marking the sides with a sharpie then rolling down a little and cut top edge. But every time I would have to remark my rear side because the previous mark would somehow be way too short. And also the rear bottom right edge has that rounded molding on the outside, but the interior is nice and square. I hope this makes sense to you pros. I'm still learning. Thanks in advance for the suggestions. 

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The bottom rounded corner you just make the cut straight on it that line and don't round. 


If it shifts then you mark it and cut as wide as you need to.   That is why marking with a sharpie or similar is great.   I usually go about 1/4" farther out that the line so it tucks nice and deep. 

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