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Peanuts, how and why? Scraping hard to reach back glass

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How do you end up with peanuts on defroster lines? Is it from squeegying upward instead of sideways? I have seen alot of this but never done it myself as ive only done a few cars, mostly trucks so far, but i want to know how to fix it before it happens to me. I dry shrink with a dryer sheet and heat gun. I live in fl. If that matters. I have heard about the 0000 steel wool trick, which i will be doing on most cars as well. Also what are you guys using to scrape glue off hard to reach rear windows where your hand wont reach?

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the blue scrubber is from a pet supply store. 

The other is a heated and curved old bulldozer. :thumb 


You can also use a white scrubby pad and a bulldozer. Just use the bulldozer to hold the scrubby pad against the glass as you scrub. 


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17 minutes ago, Bham said:

Cool. :cool

just remember. Plastic only on defrosters(other than four ought steel wool). No razor blades. :nono


the Gator Blade is also a good thing to have around. :yep 

I have a gator blade which is what ive been using on them but its getting worn out, are the plastic razor blades okay to use on the defrosters?

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