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What did i do wrong?

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New to tinting. Tinting a 2015 or 2016 ford fiesta hatchback, on the back glass i got these spots that would not stick. Could it be from poor cleaning, or even bad shrinking?  In fl, cleaned with white scrub, gatorblade, black squeegie using j&j and distilled water, maxpro maxjet pro film, and using the dryer sheet shrink method. Squeegying in a star pattern to start and then sideways only after that. Seemed to be only not sticking on the defrosters. Tried heating it out with heat gun, didnt work so i pulled it off



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May have just needed a little more shrink. Try after shrinking lift the film and spray solution underneath the film. Hard card the water out and usually you'll get an extra finger or two. Shrink those out and that'll help out. 

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That back glass with that much frit around it is notorious for doing that.  Heating it from the inside will not help.  


Combine the two other statements.  

Start by raising your dry shrink and spraying water for a wet reshrink. 


After install use hard card wrapped in a towel to wick all the solution away.  


Make sure not to over shrink before install 

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Idk how those BGs are but sometimes if your film is too long it will catch something and it wont lay down and cause fingers. Look inside and see if your film is touching anything. Also after you are done shrinking, let the glass cool down and then remove your film and spray the BG then put it back as if you were going to shrink it again. Do the H pattern and sometimes there will be some fingers that pop up, shrink those. Remember that the way it lays on the outside is usually the way it is going to lay on the inside.

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