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2017 Honda Civics


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WARNING!! I don't know how many of you are shrinking the door glass on the car?? :stop     But, be very very careful if you do. :nono 


The outer bottom rubber on the new 2017 Civics is VERY VERY FRAGILE!!  It will melt and deform really easy.  


This also means no heating out fingers from the outside.  You will roast the outer rubber if you try this. :gasp 

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10 minutes ago, jh812 said:

I can't remember 100% but I think the seals actually pull on those. 


Not the interior, BUT the exterior rubber on the door.  

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post-28358-0-72785700-1450382079.gif it's all good.  


I cant believe this hasn't been mentioned yet.  Very easy to mess up if you have to try to heat a finger from the outside. :nono 


the rule use is no heatguns on the inside.  

But on this one, it's no heat on the outside door rubber. :err 

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