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DYNOprism from STEK-USA !

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STEK-USA Announces Fashion Films – the next step in Paint Protection Film!


Until now, car owners who wanted a wrap to create a different look on their cars had to look to custom paint, vinyl wraps, or specialty coatings that offer little to no protection. That is no longer the case, STEK Automotive and STEK-USA are going beyond matte finishes by offering the world’s first prismatic PPF in the form of DYNOprism.


 DYNOprism is a true PPF in that it holds the same characteristics as our top of the line DYNOshield with high gloss, extreme clarity, self-healing and is hydrophobic all combined with a blue and purple metal flake prismatic effect. This film was developed to be non-directional so the installer does not have to keep the film oriented in one direction during the install and the colors will flop uniformly no matter how the film laid down.


Imagine being able to offer all the benefits of the highest-performing hydrophobic PPF on the market with but with a new and unique twist. Fashion Films – a new product category in the PPF market brought to you by one of the industry’s oldest and most innovative film manufacturers.




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DYNOprism on sale for  a roll ( 60x50 feet) normally  We are looking to get this one of a kind film on some cars and what a perfect match for a colorful prismatic film and the fireworks of the 4th. As of now there is one car in the U.S. and 3 others worldwide so if you have a customer in mind that wants the amazing looks of high end color changing vinyls but wants and needs the true protection of PPF and also wants the bragging rights of having such a rare and unique car then this is a great opportunity for you and your shop. 


Film must be purchased by July 4th for this sale price, shipping is free for any veteran owned business. 


any questions feel free to email, text, or call me 


STEK-USA wishes you all a happy and safe holiday and endless appreciation to our heroes past present and future.  :usaflag








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1 hour ago, LeGendPRO said:

Hi Howard 

does it have anti-yellowing coated on it

The DYNOprism film like all our STEK films do not yellow if maintained. Most perceived yellowing is from film not being cared for and cleaned. The old days of films yellowing due to poor adhesive has been taken care of by most manufacturers  

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