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Camper/R V Window Tinting

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Wehave a 28' camper with 6 clear glass windows. I hate having to keep curtains closed all the time but we have had a peeping tom in the past (got more then he bargained for, probably embarrassed him and gave him a show). I want to reduce amt of heat coming I as well as keep out prying eyes and nosey neighbors. If I want to be an exhibitionist I'll make that  decision. As we want to spend as little as possible, and this is a DIY project, would u suggest spray or film. I wanna see out but little or no sight from outside In. All window r flat some raise, some crank out.  Wanna do this b4 painting interior and installing laminate wood  floating floor. Pls advise as to ur opinion. Hard to get husband motivated on these DIY things so it will probably be this ole girl. 

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