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Solar fx ultra scratching.. confused

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I'm pretty sure I've made a post about this, but don't remember, any how, I don't tint a bunch but I've been using the Carbon series from solar fx and bought a box of ultra. I never have had any problems with Carbon scratching, I did 2 consecutive vehicles with ultra and both ended up getting scratches that are deep and you can see on outside of glass.. I did a carbon job after wards and no scratches at all. Idk if it's a defective roll or I'm doing soemtbjbg completely wrong, but why is the ultra scratching and the carbon isn't?? It is scratching more then any suntek job I've done! 

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I personally haven't had any scratching issues with the ultra. If you used the carbon with no issues then installed ultra, scratched then back to carbon with no issues I might would call dragon up and ask them. Could be a defective roll and if so I'm sure they'll replace it no problem. 

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I've been using the classic an carbon an haven't had that. Give them a call an I'm about 99.9999% positive they'll treat ya good. There great people 


could it have been just dirt in the inside seal? We all clean the best we can but ya never know!! It is weird it was the ultra though

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Hey Joetint, thanks for using our products. Our products are certainly known for the durability of the film, especially the scratch coat. if it is something that is continuing on that roll give your rep a call and let's see if we can't get that taken care of for you. We always strive to make sure our customers have a satisfactory experience with our films and customer service.


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