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Ceramic Film Options

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For ceramic series film what do you recommend? Around the same range of Solfx and FlexFilm. We have 70% flex ceramic and it definitely sells itself with heat lamp demonstration. Have not tried Solfx ceramic or any others. There isn't a HUGE demand for it in Arkansas so we can't use anything too pricy like 3m Crystalline

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2 minutes ago, sunstopwindowtinting said:

How does it do under the heat lamp demonstration? Will it sell itself?

Heat lamp with a btu I can get you some exact readings tomorrow. I set my meter at 300 in front of the lamp with ultra it goes down to 240 hybrid fx it goes to 190-200 with 80 it goes to 95-100. Btu meter has really helped sell it compared to just put your hand in front. 

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