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Hello Guys,

I'm trying to get some info on Llumars products and want to introduce it to my line-up. I'm getting stiffed by Eastman because I'm already a Suntek dealer and it appears that they want to keep me with Suntek only. I'd like to give my customers both options. Does anyone have the contact info for Llumars west coast rep? Please PM if so, would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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15 minutes ago, vquestfilms.com said:

Tintmeister... I ship out of Ontario so you would get next day service. A lot of film options that will compete with Llumar and the best products on the market. I can send you samples; we sell Film, PPF, wrap and equipment. PM me :beer



just wondering whats going on, when i go on your website i'm directed to some kind of brand management site, do i have the incorrect link.



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Sorry... that's a former company I used to work for. Not applicable anymore... been so busy I haven't thought up a new user name yet. 


We distribute over 20,000 different products. Film related brands we sell:


Huper Optik

Edge Film Technologies



Avery Dennison



and more... 


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