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Opinions Needed on Tint Job

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Hey all,


Had my windows tinted yesterday by a reputable shop in the area. I paid $300 (NorCal) for 7 windows (front, rear+ quarters, back) in 3M ColorStable. I think they did a good job overall, but there are a couple spots that I'm not sure are acceptable or not/ within the range of error. They're all on the quarter windows.


Looking to get some input on whether or not I should take it back and ask them to redo it, or if I'm just being unreasonably picky. Thank you!


Pictures attached-- apologies for the dust :unsure:

Rear Right



Rear Left



Links if pictures aren't showing up:

Rear Right

Rear Left

Dot Matrix


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19 minutes ago, F1windowtinting said:

Can you see any light gaps from the inside?


Hi F1-- no light gaps from the inside-- it's on the edge portion behind the plastic lining of the window (unsure of the technical term to use here..) so it's basically just a cosmetic issue.

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