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So I had my car tinted at a pretty reputable shop near me and just wanted to hear some opinions on the work. I'm not sure if I'm being picky or if this is as bad as I think it is.

Car is a Subaru BRZ. Film is Global Ceramic. Install was $300.








I had the driver's side window redone once already. The first picture shows some small bubbles, but before there were a ton of them and it was right in the line of sight to the side mirror, couldn't take it. The new tint has the same bubbles but smaller, along with a larger bubble on the right side. I brought up the bubbles on both sides of the rear window and they wanted to wait a week to see if they go away. It's been about 9 days and I've kinda lost hope. 

Also is that window gap normal? I know they'll claim it's to prevent it rolling up but it seems huge compared to other cars I've had with this style of frameless window.


Just wanted to know opinions on it before I head back to the shop. Sorry for the dirty windows, the car has been sitting outside for a few days to try and bake it out in the sun.

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My first tint job on my own car after receiving training ended up with air pockets due to the fact that I had crappy tools and was still green.  I'm going to tackle it again soon now that I have the proper tools and have done a few other cars with a lot less mistakes.  The fact that a "reputable" tint shop turned out that type of work is mind blowing since I only had one car turn out that bad.

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Reputable in the sense that they have a lot of positive reviews on Yelp/Google. I had another car tinted there a few years ago and it was perfect, zero edge gap on a similar style frameless window, blended into dot matrix, no bubbles. That guy doesn't seem to work there anymore, and I guess the training wasn't passed down.

I left the car at the shop all day both times, not sure how long it took. Dropped off in the morning, picked up in evening after work. Wasn't rushing them by any means. 

What kind of window edge gap should I be looking for on these? Driver side looks and feels rough. These can be right to the edge, can't they?

IMG_20170411_091148.jpg IMG_20170411_090921.jpg

I just went out to take those photos and realised the two side windows are different, haha. Also unsure on the dot matrix edges on the rear quarters and back window. I know it's possible to cover them more, but looking online at other FRS/BRZs it seems common to have them look like this. 

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I'm sorry for the bad tint job you got but that's kind of expected at that price.  First picture is the front window is dirt from his right index finger when he was holding the pattern. Second picture is what they call a micro gap except it ain't so micro. Back window bottom edge tells me he's a wet shrinker and didn't get a complete shrink. Hence the tiny fingers. As for the side of the back window he didn't wipe with a towel after he squeegee. This is what you guys don't realize that at $300 for that tint job the tinter wasn't allowed to take the extra steps needed to produce a clean job. When you're working with those margins it's all about production. The faster you crank them out the more money you make. That's when cutting corners makes more money. Unfortunately a lot of customers think that this is normal and will give a good review because they don't know any better. I hope your tinter will step up and make it right. 

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Is the price really that low for a 2dr? I only chose them because of the reviews+past experience, cost of the tint wasn't really a factor. Most of the places around me are "call for pricing" so didn't have a way of knowing easily. I think it's normally $350 but they had a special this month. I've read on here that with most films the ceramic is just a big upsell since it's only $15-20 more base cost for the film, haha. 

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Really no 300 isn't  underpriced for that car in global ceramic, All areas are different. The dot matrix is what it is and there's no changing that. Back glass should be replaced

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12 minutes ago, brzy said:

I've read on here that with most films the ceramic is just a big upsell since it's only $15-20 more base cost for the film, haha. 


Depends on the brand of Ceramic, our brands are a much bigger jump in cost.  All Ceramic films are not created equal, so nor will be the price of it.

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