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Window tinter,over 23 yrs exp

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Hello,I've placed an ad previous,I'm on again! Anyway,I've been tinting for over 20 years,and do ppf,and other installs,have my own tools,not looking just to fill in,or work partime while you get your business going!! I'm always meticulous on my installs and am all about QUALITY!! FLAWLESS WORK!! I PRIDE MYSELF ON IT!! I DO NOT LIKE REDOS,IM A NON SMOKER,NON DRINKER,NO DRUGS,NO PARTIEN,I, LIKE MOST OF US HAVE FAMILIES,AND CHILDREN,TO BE RESPONSIBLE FOR!THAT BEING SAID,I HAVE A GREAT WORK ETHIC.ON TIME,AND IF NEED BE,STAY LATE,MY WORK IS CLEAN AND CUTS ARE PERFECT!! I HAVE HIGH INTEGRITY!! MOST ESPECIALLY IN MY WORK!!,AM PRESENTLY IN FL,WOULD NEED ASSISTANCE TO GET Where YOU NEED ME,NOT LOOKING FOR A ,WELL WE WERE BUSY BUT...I NEED A SHOP THATS BUSY OR AT LEAST WHERE I CAN DO MORE THEN 5 CARS A DAY!! OR ABOUT,IF COMM,OR PAY IS GOOD!! IF YOUR SHOP NEEDS SOME TWEAKING OR A HELPING HAND I CAN HELP THERE TOO, looking forward to hearing from you,soon!! You can reach my cell at,(727)-254-6919. Thanks?

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