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2017 Jetta rear tray

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Pop trunk, unplug brake light. Drop rear seats. 4 plastic push clips with rubber ends pull then unscrew. Then there is a plastic access cover on each side of plastic seat pillar pull that out with a pick. 1 torx screw Behind each, its deep in there so use a magnetic screw driver. Pull the top of the pillar out and you will see one more push clip behind them, remove. Then pull the side trim along the glass ( just yank them out towards the middle of the car). Now make sure you take the seat belt straps out of the deck, then flip child seat covers up, you will see that the deck has three tongues that stick out a bit. Just take note when maneuvering. Now lift up on the deck by the end closest to you, there are only two metal clip on each side underneath that will pop. Then just slide it out. FYI front door panel peals back and seal comes out, rear door requires 1 torx behind plastic trim near the quarter window. Then that will peal back and seal can be removed with hook tool. Hope this helps for future reference. :blabla

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On 6/10/2017 at 0:22 PM, Aesop_Rock said:

Just got into a shouting match with the rear plastic tray of a 2017 Jetta. Does anyone know how to take it off? That third break light is annoying because the tray covers it and is one piece. Bulldozer and Titan are not doing the best job getting back there to lay down film either.


Any help, especially detailed lol, would be appreciated.



I removed one of these the other day.


step 1: open trunk and unplug brake light and release seats to put them down


step 2: back deck clip removal

find the 3 rubber bump absorber buttons behind where the seat was and pull them out if possible or they may need to be turned out counterclockwise part of the way. (They are threaded)


Step 3: clip removal

behind the part of the seat that is remaining up when you have the seats down on the left and right side there are two more push clips or whatever they're called that need to be removed with a small panel tool or flat screwdriver. The center needs to be popped halfway out then the rest of the clip comes out. Try not to drop them or they will be lost behind the cushion and not worth the effort of getting back


step 4: side panel removal.

get your fingers behind the panels that are on each side of the back glass and pulling towards the center you will release two clips and when they come free you will begin to pull towards the front of the car while being careful to note how the bottom front comes apart from the back deck


step 5: removing back deck

there are 3 clips coming down from the back deck that come through the metal. These need to be squeezed by a pliers enough to be able to pull up on the back deck so the clips cannot reattach themselves and cause you to need to pinch them free again. So while punching each one pick up on the back deck and hold it up and away. Once these are free you will simply pull the deck towards the front of the car with enough strength to get it out. 


Replacement is is as easy as your recollection of how you removed it all

be careful for the cable that runs sideways along the top of the metal deck when putting the back deck in....it wants to snag one of the guide clips that holds it in right by the brake light area


now go TINT


Oh I just saw someone else left their instructions 

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Huge thanks to @GlassWithClass and @FondyTints for the instructions.


Did one of these this past weekend.


I'm new to the game so I tried three times and finally said to myself "I can't be the only one having this much trouble!" and came here for advice.


Once the tray was out, tinted it fine on the first try. Whew!


Learned a valuable lesson too, search the forum sooner.

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