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Comparable film to Llumar DL-05 72" availability

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I need a film comparable to Llumar DL 05 available in a 72". In the past I've used solar gard grey silver grey 10 and hanita Natura 7 but last I checked they were both only available in a 60". DL 05 is basically a limo tint for flat glass with very low exterior reflectivity. I tried to give solar gard a call to see if the grey silver grey 10 is available in a 72" but haven't heard back. Any suggestions?

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I was thinking night scape 5 from Johnson but no 72 listed there. Only other I know but I can't find the listing for is hanita natura 7. Not sure if it comes in a 72 though. 


Whoops see you had that listed already :embar

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