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Glass breakage-Seal Failure warranty script

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Hello folks, I am looking to see if there is a comprehensive Glass breakage-seal Failure warranty script available, so that we can respond to customers who call if they have had a window crack or a seal failure after having window film installed. This is mostly to train new employees. We do try to explain it as best we can but we are a growing company and there are more new people who we are training and a well written script would be ideal, and everytime I try to write one, I fail. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Hi I've struggle with ths too over the years.

My first realisation was they are different.

Seal Failure is generally poor manufacture and installation of the glass.

Units fail all the time without film and there have been no documented instances where film has been a proven cause of IGU Failure.

The IGU manufacturers put this in their warranties as standard practise it's nonsense.

Thermal stress breakage is another story we can mitigate the risk by noting the glass type, thickness, size, and tint. And then choosing the appropriate film according to film Manufacturers spec's.

Once that's done if the film has a solar absorption of over 40% and it's a laminate or overhead then get the client to sign off a waiver to cover partial shading and hidden edge damage.

Good luck and be prepared to walk away from jobs.

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