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Appointment Reminders

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I actually use Square Appointments and it has been working great, for the most part I do everything with Square but the appointment reminder WORKS! I have only had 2 no shows in 3 months which is amazing. One think I like about it is that i can customize the texts that get sent. I have a terrible problem with GPS not properly locating my shop so i put detailed instructions into the confirmation text. Looked at yellow schedule, it's nice, just didn't click with me,,,'

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Square probably improved it...before they bought it, it was called BookFresh.  We had it and worked great for 2-3 months and after that it was not consistent with texts.  We started asking customers and a good amount was not getting the texts even though they were working perfectly before.  Contacted them twice with no help, so jumped ship to YellowSchedule which has been perfect.

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