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3M Paint Protection

Guest Chicks Tinting

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Guest Chicks Tinting

Does any one know anything other than the blurbs on this Stuff? I was thinking about adding it to my line . I wonder how it wears and can you really take it off after it gets marked up. And does the paint fade under the film. or what.. Any one?


The Chicks :lol

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Guest thetintshop

I do it. some cars are hard to do, some are easy. the process is about the same as putting on vinyl graphics. it's expensive, so everybody here says. I don't think it's that expensive. like a new chevy truck costs about $175. but the new ones are really hard, the hood takes me about 1 1/2 hours. the 2000 chevy takes about 25 minutes, if that, and costs about the same. it's a nice addition to the shop, and you won't be dealing with any beat up clunkers. every one I've done has been a new one, and not cheap ones either. you can make more money on trucks if you'll buy it on the roll. use the factory edge on the hood and trim the excess off. I have a vinyl cutter, so I do the little fender pieces on it. but when a car comes in, I just order the precut one from clearshield.

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Guest FastBackJack

A couple dist. carry the 3M paint protection. There is Clearshield, and there is Invinsashield. Invincashield also has a bigger pattern catalog. They carry patterns for EVERYTHING. Personally I like Invincas patterns better than clearshields. As far as wearing, I put it on my 99 Escalade about a year and a 1/2 ago. Still looks good. My rig is Pewter and the film is real hard to see. No scratches or discoloration.

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Guest tintchick

Hey Chicks,,,talk to Eric from Solargard,,,he put it on his company truck and I think he took it off because it started to turn yellow,,,but he has the skinny on it :evileye

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Guest Chicks Tinting

Thanks Chick, Yes Solar Guard has the Clearshield product .they want you to buy their plotter and their monthly internet access and only their film or they change more.... for the service.

I hear the 3m doesnt have the yellow problem.. I am still looking .

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