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Proper DIY Back Window Tint Removal.

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@atikovi  I’m just gonna say this. Your post is at the same time offensive to us but also a great example.  Yes. You are cheap. No. You have not done that properly. YES!! You have hurt or destroyed your defroster.  Every tinter worth his salt knows if you are using a razor blade, at all, on a defroster, you are going to slip and mess up a line. Or two. Or three etc.  if you had just paid the $200 you would still have a functional defroster, but whatever. You probably have the steadiest hands on the planet and never slip when trying to remove that hard ass embedded tint  that had welded itself to the glass.  
Experienced labor is well with its money sometimes but,,, 

oh well. Live and learn.  Cheers. 

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9 hours ago, atikovi said:

Since I'm not in any hurry, I can take my time and be careful. 

I've got a rusty screwdriver if you want to save a fortune on your next lobotomy...

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