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Tacking solution!

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Hey all!


So, I have a quick question for you.  My neighbor was looking at my clear bra earlier today, and stated that the installers use a pure 70% isopropyl alcohol.  I told him I was pretty sure they use a mixture of alcohol and water.


When I run into him again, I want to be able to explain to him why you guys don't use straight 70% isopropyl alcohol?  Can that be used at that strength to clean where a peeling edge is and then try to get it to stick?


Anyway, both him and I are kind of curious, and I said I'd ask the pros.


Thanks all!

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Straight 70% alky will burn the adhesive. Most installer will use anywhere between 10-20% 70% alky to 80/90% water mix. Cleaning debris from the edged of the film will work best with a soapy water mixture. Then use an alky mixture to rinse the soapy solution to tack down.

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No. It's a temporary burn. It's almost like an allergic reaction to the alcohol. Sometimes you'll see the adhesive/film turn milky white when it does get exposed to pure alcohol. But when it's left alone for a little bit, the alcohol will evaporate and the adhesive will come back to normal. But using it on an edge where it's peeling is used with a diluted alcohol solution, not something straight up. And if it's a spot that is lifting, I'm usually using a heat gun so that the adhesive can grab better. Typically in a spot where the edge is lifting, there is either too much tension for the adhesive to hold, or since this is a wet application process, there is still moisture left behind which is why I use a heat gun so that the moisture can evaporate out so that the adhesive has a better chance to grab. 

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