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Those of you who have owned or own multiple shops

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I opened a shop years ago in Idaho. I am in Utah. Had a old employee running it. I put up all the money to get it started. The deal was as soon as my investment was paid back he would have 50% ownership in the shop. My thought was he would have ownership their for he would run it like it was his own. It lasted about a year and cost me a ton of money as I ended up having to buy out the rest of our 3 year lease and shut it down. If it is local to you it maybe a different story. I used to have no problem getting good employees that stayed long term. But in the last 3 years or so I can't even get anyone decent in my shop now. Maybe it's me getting older and just don't have the patience to train anymore.:dunno

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I have also noticed in the last few years that knowledgeable and experienced installers are hard to come by, besides the fact a lot of shops or companies don’t understand (unless they have or are installers themselves) how to pay or keep a good employee. I am referring to the companies that post installer jobs for 10 or 15 bucks an hour.....

florida and California; Can you hear me know...

we as business owners are able to eat because of our installers. Most companies don’t thrive and exist because of the owner. We have four installers and they all average 24.75+ an hr with basic ins. and comp. dental and life is optional. 

Take care of your people, they take care of you.


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