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Your estimator should be quoting any project via  diligent use of roll size vs glass size(s) therefore minimizing or sometimes eliminating "waste" (see below).


As you know sometimes the sizes do not play nice with each other.

Film use would be all the footage pulled from the box as needed and charged to the project.

Its charged to the project because tomorrow may never come. Any good  usable  "waste" or offcuts you MAY be able to  use elsewhere may not ever be used before the shelf life renders it really trash.

That being said we have done many projects that used lets say 38" of a 48" roll x multiple rolls and the off cut used later on skinny front door sides or french windows . 


Not sure why but I'm getting the feeling your guys are being given rolls at "10 windows/roll  " and only "8" are being done and they "need more film". I've seen examples of this in the past where the story would go that "I blew a few pieces" . Funnily though it was always  exactly enough to allow a full roll here and a full roll there to "disappear" on multi-floor projects that former employee worked on.:smh

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On 4/26/2018 at 11:37 AM, smartie2shoes said:

Heads up! Weight systems measuring of remaining film on rolls are manufacturer specific. LLumar discarded their weight system years ago for an app developed by Tech Support (when under Solutia). It required measuring the circumference of each type film, including core using a Pi tape (measure).


Do not know if they still offer it because it needs to be updated when new films were introduced. It was accurate within 2 feet. My coworker Joe developed the app concept and we both have spent hours in the warehouse measuring film rolls to set baselines. He and I both retired in 2015 so who knows where it's at today under Eastman's reign.


Back in my hay days I could estimate how much was on a roll simply by looking at the thickness of remaining film on the core (usually correct within 5 feet). Apps were not a go-to in those days.

Hey Smartie, 

Llumar still has this "app" available under the tech resources heading of their dealer portal. Apparently it needs to be updated as it only lists a few lines of film. 



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We are pretty good at minimizing waste here. Accurate measurements are a big help. If there is a way to split a roll for a project with different size Windows efficiently, This equals less waste. We have a slitter that helps us minimize waste and we now have numerous full rolls of various different remnants in various widths.. Good for things like true divided lights or other smaller projects.. It's essentially "free film" at this point as it would have otherwise gone in the trash. Pre cutting and sending out kits for installers is also a good way to control shrinkage and keep invintory in check. 

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Not usually. But in some cases I will. More often than not.. I never see the actual project untill we show up to do it. It's typical that I'm only working off sizes given on plans.

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