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Tesla Model 3 Warning

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Warning....Warning... Tesla have issue a warning to some window film manufacturers. This was issue to 3M.....The computer is located below the A-Pillar and will get damage if liquid touch the pcu.  They have state that it cost them over 10k to replace for some Tesla owner. So be careful guys.... It is a design flaw that they will be changing due to this.


We have alway took the extra precautions when doing windshield and we have done 4 Model 3 and have been lucky....cross my finger.







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We haven't done one yet...we had two book but both cancelled assuming because our price is high for this model.  I am considering just not tinting them or at the very least not touch the windshield.  Downside is most want the windshield done, hence why I am thinking just skip it all together.  Just not worth the time or potential headache/financial lose.

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On 5/7/2018 at 1:00 PM, TINT said:

Done a few already but no windshield, almost wondering if we can take a-pillars out and cover the sensors/ecu? or unless its connected like a defroster line to windshield.

It’s those molex  plugs.  They face upward and collect the water coming down pillars. There was another post about this a while back. My brother tints a ton of Tesla’s, so I warned him. Take the pillars off and stuff microfibers down the holes and then cover everything the way you normally would. He hasn’t had any problems yet.

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