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Purchasing 20" window tint for a 24" window??

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Hello, I'm new sorry for the newb question. I will not be doing the window tint install myself, I will have an experienced installer but, I am purchasing the tint and supplies myself. The tint percentage I'm wanting (25%) I can only find in 20" rolls, my window is a 24". Can I just purchase extra 20" material and can the installer use the extra tint to "splice" together to cover the entire 24" window? Can it still look clean and flush etc. (considering the installer is experienced etc.) 



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You are focusing a little to much on percentage of the film.  If you find a film with a true VLT of 29-30% then after install you will be in the 25% range give or take a %.  


Once the film is installed it will meter where you are wanting it to be.  A 25% film will meter closer to the 20% range after install. :thumb  


Find a 30% film in 24" :bingo  


Also, keep in mind that if we are talking about a curved back window on a car that measures 24" top to bottom,,,, then you will need bigger than a 24" roll to cover the 4 corners of the glass and still shrink and install properly.   

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17 minutes ago, peaktint0518 said:

Can you recommend tint brands that offer true VLT of 29%-30% ? Thanks!


Global Window Film's VLT's are spot on within 1% on almost every roll.  Has been that way for years and years. 

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