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2018 mustang any surprises??

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1 hour ago, Ytram remarc said:


Howd it go?

It went good sides windows have a good curve to them...little windows were easy... and the rear wasnt bad .. the only thing the back window had some greasy stuff around the defroster lines what do you guys use to take it off??? I used sprayway and scrubby twice...


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Nice- what did you do to prep?

Ive noticed that the film you use can make a big difference, since this body style came out, I’ve used 4 different brands and different results ( from 1-2 to having them on every single line) my routine now is to scrub them with steel wool and denatured alcohol. Then I lay it with film on. I haven’t seen a peanut on one of these with any film in a long time! Really the only reason I even have film-on is for windows like this, just keep one spray bottle on hand with that stuff in it. 

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