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Want to start doing flat glass anyone here use these tools?

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I've been doing Automotive for 8 years I used to help a guy (30 year vet) do flat work but he passed away. So I'm looking on taking on flat glass. was wondering if anyone uses the type of tools that measure the thickness of the glass and lets you know if it's strengthened or has low e coating (and type of coating) my biggest fear is thermal fracture. I always thought to just use a film to glass chart but some of the measuring equipment go beyond what is in those charts. Thanks

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Always good to have tools that keep your @$$ nice and shiny.


Be sure to read up and understand which films/ glass combos  your manny shows as "high risk" .


If custy insists on a given risky film . Get them to sign off that they understand zero warranty and they will eat it not you.





A few years ago a glass shop lost tens of thousands of dollars  replacing glass we told him would break and would have zero warranty due to the risk.

The replacement glass was "film safe" and got us a second set of installs.


He now insists that HIS custy signs off on the risk when these situations come up.:chuck



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Thanks for the input fox! Looking at some of the Manny's film to glass recommendations would it make sense from a covering your butt perspective to stock up on films that are safe for all glass types ei. silver 20. And only install those? Most of my clientele want privacy and glare reduction not really much into energy savings. 

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14 minutes ago, WearTheFoxHat said:

Energy savings is an easy sell on a  large commercial space. The ROI for resi is much slower

....I have to disagree..to some extent. Today, buildings with newer glass are remarkably efficient. The lowE and modern mechanical systems..along with relatively cheap cost of energy..make window film ROIs unattractive in many cases. We are seeing a typical model in the 15-25 year payback with Silver 20 type materials that are by far the most economical and best bang for the buck. Try and fit a high end fancy spectrally selective 4-5.00 PSF material cost alone film into the model..and the ROI can quickly go to 30+ years. 

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Sorry I did not elaborate in my previous post. My hope is that Civic is going in "eyes wide open".

You are right . The coatings in newer glass are more efficient than in the old days.  The days of "consumable" film and 15-25 year re and re jobs may have passed.

I was just comparing the types of resi clients needing help with privacy and glare in civics post to commercial ones that do see film as a help in the  energy costs  more readily even with a long ROI .While the typical resi project does get some help for the mechanical load the numbers involved don't really even matter. People move to a new home usually long before any ROI is realized.

We have done multiple residences for some clients that move and have been very happy with the benefits of Sun Control and Security films and want it in the new place.

The commercial building client on the other hand will be there for some time.

If he (sorry I assumed "He") is going to pursue flat glass installs he will need to understand the potential energy savings of  film and the ROI when approaching these types of projects.

I hope the manufacturer Civic is using is one that will help him in any energy audits.

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