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2017 Buick LaCross


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The front doors on this car are very narrow at the mirror.  Difficult to get behind the high door panel.  


The rear deck has a hide-a-way rolling shade for the backglass.  This causes a large hump in the hat rack.  Back rolling is rather tough and the Reach or a black & white 12" are the only things getting past the hump.  Up-charge on this car. It's a little bit of a PITA :twocents   



This is the rear deck with a 12" and a 6" black and white next to each other, lined up starting on the dot matrix, center of the hat rack. :gasp 

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It's very similar to the Impalas. The sunshade in the rear-deck/package-tray/hat-rack is a little bit of a pain to work around while placing your film but I've found that the titan and the slim foot both work well to squeegee, in addition to the options @Bham already listed. Pretty sure you can use the bulldozer if memory serves me correctly but you have to be careful on the pull out(that's what she said) to not catch the edge of the film and roll it back. As far as the doors are concerned they are typical GM fare, pop the cover plate from behind the handle, remove the 7mm screw and then you can pull the top of the panel back off the clips and remove the sweep, makes them easy peasy. The pictures are from a different car(2018 Regal) but the clips and process are identical. 




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