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Formula One Stratos in the Atlanta area??

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I’ve had Hüper Optik, Forumula One Pinnacle, and CTX.  I want to try Stratos this time.  


I am looking to get my vehicle tinted with Formula One Stratos in the Atlanta area.  I tried googling it, used the dealer locator, and even emailed Llumar trying to find out who carries Stratos so that I could then research the installers.   No luck with Google.  Dealer locator doesn’t specify the different films carried, but just Llumar in general...and even lists a shop or two that’s out of business.  And so far, no email back from Llumar. 


Anybody know any Atlanta area shops that carry Stratos?  More specifically installer recommendations?  I am extremely picky when it comes to the quality of film and the install.  I am willing to travel for the right install ability too.  


I have had two past tint champions install on my vehicles (amazing installs),  but one doesn’t carry Stratos, and the other (the shop) won’t allow tint darker than 35%.  


Thanks ahead of time for the info.

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