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2018 porsche 911 gt3

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Had a guy come in with a 2018 Porsche 911 gt3 . It has a light weight glass that is flexible and when you knock it ti feels like poly carbonate . But he says its classified as glass and Porsche says it can be tinted . Any one come across it and can it be tinted . What concerns me is if it needs to be removed will it come off will it damage the glass . 



The rear screen and rear side windows are made of lightweight glass. This material is as light as polycarbonate and, unlike polycarbonate, offers particularly good scratch and fracture resistance as well as being significantly less prone to buckling at high speeds.

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It is the same, and I wouldn’t risk it. Lighter than poly and scratch resistant tells me that shrinking and heating may be a 1500.00 mistake. 

Thanks for the info. I never say no, but there is that one time. We have no idea what it’s made of....and I really don’t want to know...


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