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Hi there. I do a lot of mobile work. Generally you HAVE to have a garage or some sort of enclosed area to do the work. Occasionally I may have to do one door window in the elements, but usually insist it be parked under shelter or use my vehicle to shield the elements as much as I can. If you tint an entire vehicle unprotected it is your name on the line. There usually is just no way around it. Not having electricity is rather easy to overcome. Here is a link to a post I responded to and some pics of my two trucks. Let me know if I can help you. 



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Portable power you are going to have to use a generator or some sort of battery bank and an inverter but you will not be able to run a heat gun with either. Too much juice. You will have to use a torch or come up with a plug. Portable shelters are great if you are going to be there a few days but not for one job. Plus they cost a little bit and most of my buddies have a story about the time theirs fell on a car 

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54 minutes ago, Uscfan said:

No garage no bueno ?  No really what are your options if you don’t have any kind of cover to get the car out of the sun? And which torches to people use thanks for all the help

Ts 8000 benzomatic home depot best one!

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