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How many times have you "quit"

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Last time I thought about quiting was in the first year of tinting, as much as I wanted to I couldn't. My girlfriend was pregnant and I had recently been fired by my uncle at his restaurant for being really late. The guy that took me under his wing to teach me had a business but decided to bail due to personal reasons and asked if I wanted to keep the business or he was going to ask for his deposit on the store. With a pregnant girlfriend and nowhere to go I said "fuck it". He taught me for about half a year, I was only pasting side windows and barely started to cut on cars and I had only done a back glass twice (G35 and Jetta). I would take like 4 hours on a car and I would fuck up many times but I always looked at ways to get better, I would always try new ways to improve my quality work (main reason how I found this forum, thank you everyone) I set a goal to what I wanted to be as a window tinter and I haven't looked back. 5 years later I can say IF I want I can do a regular car or crossover in about 45 minutes, the regular for me is 1 hour and 30 minutes. I can do about any car now and not worry about how I'm going to do it or any doubts, except really old purple removals. Just hang in there and always try to do a excellent job because your work speaks a lot about you. I'm happy to say that I still have many returning costumers from my first year of window tint. 

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I quit like 2 days ago.  I too get caught up trying to be fast.  There really is no control over how fast you can get it done.   Instead of moving fast to save time, dont waste time.  Just concentrate on your routine and improve little by little and speed with come naturally.  


I have tip for light gaps and for trimming patterns. Get a dry erase marker and mark the sides, then roll window up and down to see the amount of shift. Before install with the window all the way up I mark any window with the slighest shift, so when i lay the pattern before locking it down i check th edge to make sure i didnt shift the window. I never get gaps doing this.  If a window doesnt shift by pulling it back and forth then thats the only time i dont mark. Mostly euro vehicles do this.  Also, to avoid gaps, tuck extra on vehciles like toyota, since some shift a lot and it wasy to tuck extra on them. 

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I gotten decent enough to run a tint business, 1 - 2 cars a day alone. I realized I think seriously about quitting every 2 weeks. Its like I'm fighting myself working a job I've already moved on from mentally. The little things SUCK. Pumping up my sprayer every 20 seconds, scraping (throwing away) a window, tight quarter seals, customers that don't respect me cause I'm young, and being rushed. I've told myself and gurantee that I am closing my business once I make the $10,000 I need for various reasons (car maintenance, real estate agent registration, buying another car,) or by August 2022. Whichever comes first. Its been great and bad, and Dano is a big reason why I was able to be successful in this industry.

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