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Llumar PCS thoughts?


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New to Llumars PCS what are thoughts on this software? I’ve been a hand cutter for 18 years and love my works outcome but my volume and demand is increasing so figured I’d step up my game. So I just recently purchased a complete system from Llumar, I’m actually super embarrassed on the edges that the computer cuts and was seeing which software is more accurate in everyone elses opinion? I’m sure most customers could care less but I myself care what it looks like. Do I have to just except that these computer cut lines are garbage? 

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Llumar PCS is horrible in PPF and Tint patterns.  They are suppose to be working on it and going more in-house, but only time will tell.  DAP is the best out there, but is pricey if you are only using it for tint at $150/month.  As of right now, you do get unlimited cuts for window tint.  I haven't done extensive testing with it, but everything I tested was 100% on point. 

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1 hour ago, Tintertien said:

What do you mean full test fitted with full wrap? 

A program? 


And which program is the absolute best?


Xpel and premiumshield studio are the only ones that have been designing there own patterns and testing them for a very long time.

Most other companies purchase the pattern from a third party and resell the pattern not knowing how well it fits,  Preciscion cut just started making and test fitting  there own patterns recently.


Currently at the moment Xpel has the best software at the moment.  

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