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Windex only for wetting and application

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Tomorrow morning I'll be applying new tint over existing tint and over factory tint.


Any problem with using Windex?

I've used it on both my cars and TBH, it went fairly easy and seems to have dried and adhered well.


Would liquid hand-soap and water be better?

I've heard the ammonia in windex causes some problems in some tints.

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12 minutes ago, Bham said:

Or to be on the safe side, just use straight water.  That way there is nothing to make any film go bad.  It should stick just fine with straight water. :cleanwindows 


Doesn't the Windex help the film slide better than plain water?   If not, then I can see that plain water might be better.

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6 minutes ago, HardyHarHar said:

Maybe I made a mistake with the randomly picked forum username.   Seems to bring all the clowns out

Anyway to change it?


Maybe, just maybe you should do a LITTLE MORE research before you ask questions that sound like they are coming from a 6 year old. :twocents   

Try reading a few of the informative threads on here for one. :reading  

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