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Noobie from Houston tx wanting to learn how to tint

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Hi all,

Id like to learn how to tint vehicles, and possibly start my own mobile business. I currently have an auto detailing business, but want to transition over to tinting. 


The problem I’m having is finding someone to teach me how to tint. Shops won’t hire me or take me on because I have no experience, and because they don’t want any future competition. (Understandable)


Could you guys help me out? How can I learn how to tint? Anyone in Houston willing to help me learn? I could pay a fee if needed. 


Also, what is the tinting business like in Houston? How much can I make per week? Is there too much competition? What is the success rate of a tinter starting his own business and trying to make a name for himself? 


 I appreciate any advice you guys can offer. 

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4 hours ago, drtint said:

You are in perma plate territory. Learn from them while they train you and get out of dodge when yo can lean to lay it

I’ve actually never met or even seen, heard,  etc.., a perm a plate tinter in Houston anyway. Definitely other cities here in Texas, I haven’t even heard a customer or salesman from a dealership mention that name in the last decade. 

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