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Tint company recommendations

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I am considering buying a roll of 35 vht tint on eBay or Amazon, and am curious about the following brands I found. I'm not looking to spend a lot, and am trying to get the most bang for my buck.


My findings:

Madico wincos ceramic series

Solar Gard ultra performance nano ceramic

Johnson window films insulatir nano ceramic

3M FX-HP high performance

3m fx-st standard


All are around the same price.


Any recommendations?

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All are fine, keep in mind most reputable shops aren't going to install other films. Sounds like you're a diy though, good luck.
Yup DIY. Would there be any reason to get the ceramics over the basic 3m films? Also, does metallic film really interfere with wireless/GPS signals?
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I'm able to get a 40 inch x 10 ft roll of each of those for $40. Cars a black 2011 Nissan Maxima SV. I am very patient and have plenty of time to do it right.

What car. What's your budget/patience level, it's your money. 
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not an easy back window to shrink, quarters will be a pain for diy guy. Door seals pull easy enough on them though. Think more like 25ft rolls from express play with classic black, see film/inventory classic black on this site. Buy 20/40 in rolls and plan on spending a good amount on tools to make it turn out good, heat gun/knife/squeegees/hard cards/long reach tools/spray bottles/solutions/cleaning n prep supplies and tools. I'll help if you post pics :lol good luck :thumb   

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Why is the rear window so hard? (Not like I think it'll be easy)...
As for tools, I already own everything but the squeegees and flat card.
Also, I checked express films and it seems like I can only purchase 100 ft. Rolls... Would you recommend any of the films I mentioned in my first post?

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