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Why do I get little dot bubbles?

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Still learning how to tint and one of the problems I'm having is that I'm getting tiny little dot bubbles once the tint is installed. Not the big 1"+ diameter bubbles you see when you think tint bubbles. 


I think the dot bubbles are known as "trash bubbles", it looks like dust basically. Kind of like when when you install a screen protector with dust trapped in it. 


I scraped down the window with a razor blade with soap and water and I'm very careful not to touch the tint on any panels and only peel back 1/2 or less of the adhesive to avoid contamination. And I try to move fairly quickly as to not let dust get in the window. 


Is it because I'm not cleaning the window enough? 


If there are little dust bubbles like this, are they going to get worse or would they just stay that way like a phone screen protector with dust with? It doesn't look noticeable only when you look close but obviously I want to learn to do it better. 

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Use filtered water in your bottle with the slip solution. Make sure you scrub every window throughly. Make sure you squeegee off every window correctly. Don’t wet the very top edge of any window, as it can pull dirt down. Wet film more than the glass you’re sticking it too. Spray both hands thoroughly before handling any film that’s had the release liner removed. 

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