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Small Miscut, Should I Ask for Fix?

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Hello, a couple weeks ago I got a FormulaOne Pinnacle tint job on a CR-V. On the passenger's side back window toward the top back of the window, the film is miscut slightly. It does not curve nicely with the window like all the others. It's not cut so badly that light shows through when the windows are up, but when I have them down it seems pretty obvious there was a small imperfection. I am wondering if it is something I should ask them to replace or if it would be petty?


Additionally, there are a few small bubbles remaining which I expect will go away, but some of them have debris underneath so they will be permanent. What's the protocol for that? Just something I should live with?





edit: I'm starting to get a little upset now that I'm taking a closer look around the car. I mean for $615 I expect better work. I chose this shop because they were the only "certified" installer in the area. The back window has a ton of small air pockets and it looks like it's peeling at the bottom. The back side window has a major streak. How am I even supposed to have confidence in these people to fix the problem if this is how they left me the first time?



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