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Flexible Tube Light - Must Buy

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I own alot of equipments and tools throughout all my years of working on car..Anything to make me faster and more efficient..This light is probably the best made so far to do cut out after shrinking back glass and windshield. For $45-$60 buck, it is a steal. This new equipment/tool make me say “why didn’t think of that.”






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This is awesome thanks for sharing. There are 3 models out and a mechanics version available soon. The MSX will be a bare SX model for mechanics and 12 volt industry.  It is 25 inches long lightweight, flexible, superbright light with a 12 foot cord w/ 12v power switchable plug.

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52 minutes ago, WearTheFoxHat said:

Soooo its a pool noodle with string lights in it?

Not string lights superbright LED strip, has ties to keep the strip LED to one side. You will see it's better, brighter,  and lighter then the rest. This is a light designed for tinters by a tinter. 

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Received my tint light today.  


Yes too too the critics...  it is like anything in life..  if you want to take the time to source the components you could build one cheaper..  however,


 this light is bright, its flexible, I believe Jeff has built them too the highest standards possible for a tool that is not coming out of a production factory.   It lights the rear decks very very well !    


If if you are on the fence I would spend the money and order one.  You can also feel good that you are supporting a fellow window tinter who is trying to help advance our industry !  


Thanks for the great light man !! :thumb  :thumb 

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