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Tinting IS 250 without pulling panels

Guest bbvaldezjuly4th

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I pull panels on those ! I'd have it off in less than a minute! I get if you don't pull panels and you can do a clean install than great video! It's always good to know how to do different ways to install because sometimes you run into panels that have taken off and busted up and if you take them off they might try and have you pay and fix it! so installing with out taking them off is smarter and might save you a headache!

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Thing i like about having the panels off is you have an extra 1.5 inches at the bottom.  Put window down an inch or so and just lay it in like an easy 1/4 window. Also, have to bump the window up before, since they shift 1/8 inch to the rear (long side of window) making to much film tuck along the side. 

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