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Best way to ship a plotter ?

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I purchased one from a friend back in November. Thankfully, he still had the original box and all of the original packaging so it was shipped in that.


That being said, FedEx still managed to find a way to damage the box, break some of the styrofoam inside and crack the housing on the right side. (Its a Graphtec 7000 series.) Everything functions as it should though so I didn't even bother with a complaint or claim.

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Well no kidding, Duh :blah     

Now if we could continue to give the OP helpful advise instead of making him feel,,,, well whatever.  

Come one really, you could've just kept that to yourself. :twocents   

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On 8/13/2018 at 2:20 PM, Mr paladin said:

I need to ship my vinyl express q42 in for service anyone shipped a plotter before? looking for the best way to ship it with it getting damaged.


UPS stores can pack it for you when you ship, may cost a few bucks for packing but you can blame them for any issues, can also keep the UPS packaging for next time. Years back when i had a pen plotter for drawings i asked the people i bought it from to send me a box to ship it in, they gave me the box but i paid to ship it. 

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