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How to Approach Contractors For Film

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Hello everyone,

Just registered myself for this forum as I am currently interning for a Virginia based window film company. I’m young and still learning the ropes, one of my many tasks here is to source out new connections for us to grow from. The barrier I’m struggling to break is how to get connected with the contractors we need (interior designers, architects, general contractors, construction companies, etc.) A simple cold call will usually end at the secretary’s desk while emails rarely ever get read or received. The DC-Virginia-Maryland area occasionally has Contractor Conferences, but they are hard to come by and generally expensive.


I guess my question is for the veteran installers/companies, how did you break the barrier into working with contractors? 


This is is a new industry for me so any help is greatly appreciated.



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In my case, most of the people I work with - contractors, glass companies, etc - They have called me.  As you mentioned - emails and phone calls don't usually get returned - but, IMO, it's still worth trying, esp. if you have down time that you could spend making calls.


Ideally, if one contractor returns your call/email which leads to a new stream of jobs - then it was worth the time spent. 


I wish I had more help to give...  :dunno



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Contractors are one of our main sources of business. It takes time to develop relationships with them. You need to understand the GC mindset.. Above all they don't want problems with vendors..let alone a window film guy. Everyone calls them, and says they are the best thing since sliced bread..they have heard it all before..from everyone who wants their business. My suggestion is to call the secretary, do not try to sell her on the call,.. simply tell her you would like to talk to estimating and get on their bidders list. GCs bid almost everything... it takes years and numerous projects , that go off without a hitch before most contractors won't  bid you for 100.00. There is little... if any loyalty ...particularly with large companies ..it's all about the number. At this point of our career, we turn down bids from contractors that continually send us plans.. who have in the past had us do the legwork to bid..only to take some other bid that was lower. ..it is what it is. That's how contractors roll. Fortunately we have a pool of 50-60 of them who we have worked with over and over again..developed trust and personal relationships who no longer look elsewhere for film.. we also remain consistent with pricing and service ,  and never take advantage of their loyalty. 

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Looks like things are the same here in Canada Tom . We also have recognized that certain GC's ALWAYS want a price then never give you work." So and So was cheaper" is always the reply.

Maybe So and So should get their own estimator......



As for OP .


Leg work. LOTS of leg work


Get into the local construction associations and find out who the local GC's are. As Tom said . Make appointments to get on their bidders list.

When you get an opportunity to quote and win jobs bust @$$ to make yourself known as the guy that gets things done on time or better  ahead of schedule.

If you Eff up something . Own up immediately and rectify it at a loss if you have to . Earn the GC's trust .

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One word.. LinkedIn.


You want to connect to a contractor, facility manager, CEO? LinkedIn. 


That my friend is where you will find your missing links. 

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