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Delearship saying ceramic tint messes with Nav

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Just landed the Acura dealership and they are skeptical about doing ceramic on their windows. The Technical Service Bulletin stated that ceramic film should not be installed In an Acura vehicle due to Navigation interference. The reason why we dont sell metallic film is because of interference. I dont understand why they are persistent about ceramic causing signal issues. Can someone explain how ceramic can cause issues? Anyone else having this issue with a delearship?

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6 hours ago, Jake said:

What I mean is the confusion was when they wrote the bulletin 

Most likely. But try saying that to them. They are set. I just did a 2019 RLX in SFX ceramic. The woner of the dealership will be driving it around. I guess they are using it as a test. I have a feeling that it is not just a test. I think its a start of something bigger *fingers crossed*

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