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2013 FJ Cruiser tint question about moleskin

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I have a 2013 FJ Cruiser and I’m going to have the front door windows tinted with FormulaOne "Pinnacle" Ceramic Film. My question is that the FJ Cruiser doesn’t come with mole skin (felt) on the inside weather strip so is it nessary to add something like “Tint Protector” mole skin to the window weather strip? I’m worried about my tint getting scratched. Or should I not worrie about it?

How durable is FormulaOne "Pinnacle" Ceramic Film to scratching?

Thank you

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I stick pinnacle and rarely see those, but I don't recall a Toyota not having a felt lower seal ever in all my years. :dunno  don't off road with the windows down or allow a bunch of crap to collect in your seals in or out and your film and more importantly your glass will remain scratch free for a long time. :beer Clean your seals occasionally with soapy water. 

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