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It really depends on the hood (see below).  It is best to learn how to do both well and use whichever method will be most beneficial for the situation.


Also, most folks that are new to ppf, haven't mastered their knife technique in terms of cutting the film without cutting the paint, so even in the cases where it is easier, you release yourself from a lot of liability by opting for a kit.


We design kits for a living, but still bulk a fair amount of hoods.



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Jeff is right. Where in most cases bulking a full hood is much easier, there are definitely instances where hood scoops in the hood could cause someone to lean towards a pattern or modified pattern so that they are cutting less on the car. Knife scoring skills are still something that is learned, not taught. So early in your learning process, be careful when and where you are willing to make that risk to cut as it could be costly. Patterns now are fitting better and better with better coverage so relying on them can be something more consistent in present day.

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