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I'm bummed plotter broke

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I’ve been using a Roland for 6-7 years, it’s has worked great for me. But it’s also the only one I’ve really used, the guys doing PPF use a graphtec and really like it. I’ve had to cut tint on it a few times and it did not go well, but I think that is because they run a pretty deep groove into the strip, more operater error than anything,

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3 hours ago, Mr paladin said:

I currently have vinyl Express q42 I've had in about 8 years for window tinting only.

I suggest a graphtec cutter for tint over a rolland.  The reason is due to the blade holder design.  The rolland blade holder will "clog up" with hard coat dust faster much faster than the graphtec blade holder.  This is just due to the differences in blade holder design.  Another cutter to look for is a suma cutter.  Great quality and they will keep the media running straight for a very long time.  25 degree Clean Cut blades (for window tint cutting)  are awesome as well and can be had for just about any brand of cutter.  

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