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NC Tint Strip


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The wording of the statue says ALL windows must be 32%. I could've sworn it used to say including the windshield strip but now it does not specify. Earlier this year I contacted my local DMV and they said yes it has to be 32%, however directly after I contacted a state trooper and he said no any percentage. I mainly install 5% sun strips with only a couple at 35 in a year's time. As of today I've never had anyone come back and say they received a ticket for it being too dark only to long. I've had two call back with failed inspection but they went right down the road and another said it was fine and passed. I'd say best thing to do is check with an inspection station to make sure they're ok with it first then just do 5. :twocents


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29 minutes ago, jdlover14 said:

Ok, thanks! Can the strip be up to 5 inches long even if my windshield has a as1 line of like 3 inches?

With customers I always play it safe and do to the as1 cause Joe the mechanic is gonna say no it has to be to the line. According to the statue whichever is longer.


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