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Can I fix this?

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Hi All,


Newbie here. This may or may not be the place for this, but I figured why not give it a shot.


I recently had SunTek 10yr installed on my new car this past weekend, and the mirror portion looks like this:


Installer has offered to reapply, but wanted to see if I could DIY it first with a little help. Also, he is 130 miles away and it's not the easiest trip to make on a whim. We had planned the original installation for quite some time.


Is there anything I can do here to remedy the mirror without turning this into a production?


Everything else looks great. Well, besides the underside of the hood (folded over edges). Some parts of the edges on the underside look just like this part of the mirror (funky edge bubble), but that may be normal for something that isn't seen. I don't know.





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Just out of curiosity, how long did your car stay inside after being wrapped? I've had film pull back from going from 22 C to 10C within 30 minutes. Its also possible that he just forgot to heat that edge I don't know. Suntek is practically held on by static which is a double edged sword;


The good: you can pull that back and get a faint or even non existent lift line (silvering line). Do this by spraying the area with hot soapy water (1litre and a couple drops of dawn) I would gently lift the film only about a half inch while spraying your fingers with the slip solution making sure not to scrape the glue while you pick up the film. After picking up the film clean the adhesive side by spraying the solution and gently rubbing any dirt specs off the film. Then spray more solution under the film and massage the soap into and along the lift line if you do it right you shouldn't get much silvering. Then you should be able to tack the film back down with a heat gun and pressure from your fingers, a lint free cloth or a squeegee. Heat it until you don't see that half mm of white along the edge, in the picture you can see that film wants to pull back or at the very least the edge isn't sealed. 


The bad: suntek really doesn't like hyper stretch so you may in the future need to 2piece, relief cut and or adhesive promote that mirror to avoid pull back.


Alternatively if your guy sells xpel ultimate plus you could try to wrap the mirror in that. I've tested hyper stretching xpel and I did not observe any pull back or fingering (I don't use xpel and have no reason to prop it up this is just my observation). The easiest fix that I will get absolutely toasted for suggesting is having a guy who knows how to cut film just cut that ugliness off lol, just keep in mind that film that is stretched is much easier to cut so ease up on the pressure. Hope that helps! Good luck! 

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As mentioned above, You can't fix that, but here's a could things thatI would do to avoid it in the future:


- Blast all of your edges with an airt compressor.


- Make sure any blades that you use (plotter/OLFA) are clean and sharp.  Sometimes the edges of the adhesive can get a little ratty when they are cut with a plotter blade that doesn't swivel easily and you can't see the after effects until the install solution dries out.

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