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X-zacto knifes

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Maybe vinyl lettering or car wrap usage? I’ve never seen them used for window tinting. 

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I decided to edit the word never. I didn’t edit the word because it was spelled correctly. I edited it because it was spelled incorrectly. I will never use the word “neber”.
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Gonna go out on a limb and say he uses them:

For what: for cutting film

And why....Cuz they be really sharp.

Pointy end gets in farther than an olfa style blade.

They also come in handy when removing stitches form previous misuse of sharp stuff.


Try this version of the olfa. Its a 30° blade . You cannot see in the photo but the knife is pointed like the blade to reinforce while cutting just like the 45° is.




Olfa calls them Graphic blades. I DO NOT recommend using them in the 45° knife 





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